Trim the Corporate Fluff

You’ve seen it all over the Web, that brain draining, corporatespeak copy. It’s easy to spot yet so hard to get through — self-congratulatory descriptions, clauses littered with jargony gobbledygook and void of any real meaning: “Our companies offer a wide range of competitive and innovative products to numerous markets through a highly diversified distribution system. [...]

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More than Just a Pretty Typeface

Choosing the right font for your Web site copy is important because it affects the way readers perceive your site and your company. Typeface also plays an important role in readability. As you know from your own Web surfing experience, hard-to-read text is quickly skipped over. So if your Web site uses an indecipherable font, [...]

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Faulkner County residents in search of breaking news about the Shawbridge Road construction or the annual Chili Cook Off now have a new source of information, as Softwyre officially launched the Faulkner County Court System’s Web site this week. Visitors to are greeted by County Judge Preston Scroggin’s friendly face and a slideshow of [...]

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Syndicate that Content

Content is king. But if people don’t know it’s there, your message might as well be mud. One of the best tools for letting people and search engines know your content has changed is the process of syndication. What does syndication mean in an online world? Basically, it’s the act of sending content from your [...]

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