Dropbox drops the ball on security

Dropbox has been one of the tools that I use to keep files stored in the cloud for easy access. Because I worry a lot about where my stuff is stored I have not stored anything sensitive there, but I have put files I have been working on, pictures, presentations, etc. up there so that I could easily share them out or retrieve them from somewhere else rather easily.

Something happened Sunday that made me very glad that I chose NOT to store anything that I would not want shared with the world on Dropbox. They made a coding error during an update that allowed ANYONE to access ANY account there with ANY password. Although even with the doors wide open any of my data would have been singled out and downloaded, it makes me uncomfortable that it happened at all.

I will continue to use Dropbox the way that I have in the past, but now I am a little more wary of what I am willing to move off of my servers and into the cloud.  If your business needs a little or a lot of help understanding the ins and outs of what cloud based services are and how they can benefit your businesses, call us here at Softwyre.  We have been in and out of the cloud for years now.

For more info on this, you can go here: Wired Magazine or just Google it!

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