Softwyre Wins Four Davey Awards

Softwyre cleaned house at the 2008 Daveys, winning four prestigious International Davey Awards for best creative and most attractive Web sites:

Gold Award: University of Central Arkansas (
Silver Award: Arkansas Press Association (
Silver Award: Hooten’s Publishing (
Silver Award: Men’s Fraternity (

About The Davey Awards

The Davey Awards honors true creative work that features fresh ideas, intelligence, out-of-the box thinking and exceptional execution. The Davey is judged and overseen by the International Academy of the Visual Arts (IAVA) and underwritten by AdvertisingAge Small Business Network.

The Davey’s are the largest and most prestigious awards competition exclusively for the ‘Davids’ of creativity; David defeated the giant Goliath with a big idea and a little rock – the sorts of thing small firms do each year. The annual International Davey Awards honors the achievements of the ‘Creative Davids’ who derive their strength from big ideas, rather than stratospheric budgets.

IAVA members include executives from organizations such asĀ  Sotheby’s Institute of Art, Yahoo!, Estee Lauder, Wired, Insight Interactive, The Webby Awards, Bath & Body Works, Brandweek, Polo Ralph Lauren, ADWEEK, Alloy, Coach, iNDELIBLE, MTV, Victoria’s Secret, HBO, The Ellen DeGeneres Show and

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