Integra Logistics

The Client

Alpharetta, Georgia-headquartered Integra Logistics, LLC is a provider of freight logistics for a wide range of customers including consumer-goods, forest products and agricultural-products companies. The company formed in 2003 with a small but dedicated staff of seven logistics professionals competing with existing trucking and intermodal companies like JB Hunt, Pacer Global Logistics and Hub Group.

The Challenge

In order to stay ahead of the curve, Integra Logistics created the industry's first fully comprehensive web-based intermodal and highway services performance system. Called Suplaris™, the software was originally developed by Integra Logistics employees with only a few having programming experience. As the company grew its employees and customers needed more out of Suplaris™. But without IT staff to modify the code or the budget to hire dedicated in-house programmers, Integra Logistics began looking for a competent and reliable software development firm to manage and overhaul its mission-critical application.

The Solution

The heads of Integra Logistics met Softwyre CEO Steve Wade, President John Paul Mains and Business Development Director Holt McConnell at the 2004 Arkansas Venture Forum. Integra called Softwyre several months after the meeting and approached the company about taking over the development of its Suplaris™ Perl code.

“We formed a relationship and developed trust early on, which made Softwyre our choice for developing our software,” Integra CEO Mitch Bernet said about why his company pursued Softwyre as a business partner. “As a small company we couldn't afford software development expertise in-house, so relying on Softwyre gave us the ability to focus on our core business while they built the system. They were quick to understand our business and they gave us the resources we needed.”

In late 2004, Softwyre partnered with Integra and a dedicated Integra team took control of Suplaris™, fixing broken code and writing improvements. As Integra requested more functionality to meet new customer demands, Softwyre brought more people onto the Integra team, switched from programming language Perl to Rails to deploy work faster, and built a new Rails Suplaris™ II application that communicates with the original Perl Suplaris™ I program.
Some of the Suplaris™ features include a 24/7/365 automated exception-based tracking system, door to door shipment visibility down to the SKU level, real-time accessorial management, dynamic detention and yard management tools, document imaging with Web accessibility, and robust customizable reporting.

Suplaris™ provides unparalleled shipment visibility coupled with exception management technology that puts information at the fingertips of Integra's customers when they need it.  As a Web-based application, Suplaris™ is easily customized and infinitely scalable. This leads to increased flexibility for Integra Logistics' customers as they adapt to meet the demands of a rapidly changing marketplace.

The Results

Since Integra Logistics hired Softwyre to maintain and improve Suplaris™, the company has grown 2,651.6% to more than 60 employees, with more than $70 million in revenues in 2007 and has been nationally honored as one of the fastest growing companies in Inc. Magazine.

In its 26th annual Inc. 500 list of the fastest growing privately held companies in America, Integra Logistics was recognized as the 38th fastest growing company overall and the number one fastest growing privately held logistics provider in the country. According to the article, Integra Logistics is thriving because "its clients appreciate Integra's Web-based service [Suplaris™], which distinguishes the company in an industry that still has plenty of legacy systems." 

Integra Logistics was a $20 million company when it approached Softwyre in 2004. And in three years Softwyre has converted most of the company's paper processes to electronic processes through building and enhancing automated systems. Today Integra's revenues have reached more than $70 million, and Bernet admits that Suplaris™ plays a major role in his company's success.

“Suplaris™ is our fundamental differentiator in the marketplace,” Bernet said, mentioning that the software boosts employee productivity by performing many daily functions that employees would otherwise have to complete manually. “It gives our customers unparalleled shipment visibility with detailed shipment management tools, and it enables our customer service personnel to provide a superior level of service.”

Besides the competence and professionalism of Softwyre's Integra team, Bernet said the strongest elements in his long-term partnership with Softwyre have been the attentiveness of upper-management and the high level of attentive care bestowed on the company's projects. And coming from a company that prides itself on providing Inc. 500-worthy customer service, Bernet's thoughts carry a lot of weight.

“We have an excellent working relationship with Softwyre at all levels in the company,” Bernet said. “We get the attention of senior management on all the projects we're working on at any time. The hands-on relationship that the Softwyre Management Team has with us has made the business partnership work extremely well.”


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