Jake's Trade

The Client    

Jakes Trade is an upcoming trader portal servicing small home based businesses and hobbyists.  It allows "traders" to economically publish the services they provide so that local individuals needing these services can contact them and check their availability.

The Challenge

Jakestrade.com needed a great deal of customization to adapt the CMS and it's modules to their specific needs.  They had to accommodate multiple classes of visitors and present each with a specific layout and work flow.  Because it had to allow the public to add and modify content without training, the presentation had to be simplified and streamlined as much as possible.  It also needed to be integrated with other social websites so that traders could spread information about their services on Jakestrade through Facebook, Twitter and subscription based emails.

The Solution

To meet Jakestrades’ needs, Softwyre designed a clean, modern-looking Web site that presents traders content in a clear, well-organized fashion.  It allowed traders to quickly and automatically create content and subscribe to paid services while providing their potential customers with a simple way to find local services in their area.

The Results

JakesTrade.com is a new site and now faces the usual issues associated with making the public aware of it's benefits.  Initial users have responded positively and the user base is growing rapidly.  Throughout the coming years Softwyre looks forward to assisting with the changing technical issues as they arise and will serve in an advisory role, leveraging their many years of website development and promotion experience.


  • Blog
  • RSS
  • News
  • Availability Calendar
  • Custom Record Types
  • Banner Ads (Revenue Generator)
  • Business Listings (Revenue Generator)
  • Custom Search by Proximity.
  • Subscription Based Content / Paypal Integration (Revenue Generator)
  • Subscriber Tools to Update Content and Send Subscriber Email.
  • Rating System
  • Custom Permission System


  • Business Analysis
  • Information Architecture
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Site Programming
  • Content Entry
  • CMS Admin Training
  • Site Promotion Consulting
  • Hosting, Administration and Quality Assurance.
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