E-mail Marketing

What is an e-mail campaign? First and foremost, e-Newsletters arrive in your inbox as email messages. The sending company writes the newsletter, drops it into a predetermined email format, and sends it to a list of people who receive it on the other end. There's a fair amount of technology that runs in the background to do this efficiently and effectively, but when you boil it all down, it's just an email sent to many people at once. An email campaign tracks who received those emails, did they open them and did they use them. This way you get reporting to know how effective the message was and advice on what will be more effective in the future.

If you already send printed materials out to your contact list, whether as a print newsletter or in some other fashion, the most immediate and measurable benefit of switching to an electronic format is a savings in time, printing and mailing costs. With a variable cost per newsletter of nearly zero, you will never again have to weigh the benefits of printing more materials or agonize over whether or not person X is worthy of the cost of sending information.

Finally, the increased focus on spam in email marketing also means an increased focus on getting permission to send people an email. Softwyre will work with you in your efforts to earn and keep the permission of our subscribers to the best of our ability.

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