Logo Design

Your brand is the impression formed at every point of contact with your prospects and clients. The combination of imagery and content is exactly how people perceive your company. Everything that comes in contact with a customer—brochures, direct mail, web sites, advertisements, presentations, e-mails, signs, exhibits, sales people and more—creates perception of your company (good or bad) because of your brand.

Your brand starts with your logo or your "mark."

A prospect should be interested in your logo and  be able to easily figure out what it is you do or sell. Your tag line should further define your market niche or benefit and needs to bring your propect directly to your company. Softwyre can help you build a brand from ground up, or re-brand a "tired"  outdated corporate image.

We offer two types of logos, each with several options:

  1. Text logos use special effects, treatments, sizing, unique fonts, etc., based on the corporate name.
  2. Illustrated logos include hand-designed custom illustration ideas that are determined to represent a compelling visual image for your business.


Logo / Identity Options

  • Tag line creation: A tag line is critical to further redefine your market and niche. A cutesy tag line is not usually a good idea, unless you are Nike or a nationally known brand. Better to further define what you can do for your prospects.
  • Icon development: Product Suites, web graphics and user interface, etc.
  • Color Palettes: Our designers will use our methodology to choose both your primary and complimentary colors to utilize throughout your brand...with electronic media it is not uncommon to need more than six colors for backgrounds, headers, bars, buttons and core-branding elements.
  • Photo Library: Our team upon discussions and direction, will search and assist in choosing multiple images to be used throughout your brand. Choosing the right images is a critical part of your brand....and we know just where to look!

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